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13. Mai 2010 | Reden

Baubeginn für erstes LANXESS-Werk in Russland, Pressekonferenz, Dschersinsk, Russland

Aus den Ausführungen von Dr. Anno Borkowsky, Geschäftsführer und Präsdent Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH (nur in Englisch verfügbar)

Thank you, Dr. van Roessel.  And good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

It is now my great pleasure to discuss my favorite subject – which is Rhein Chemie.

We have been a wholly owned subsidiary of LANXESS since 2004, when the chemicals operations were divested from the Bayer Group.  We were part of Bayer for 30 years prior to that.  And before that we go all the way back to the founding of Rhein Chemie in 1889.

So you can see we have a long history – and an enormous amount of experience in the highly complex world of chemical additives.

Rhein Chemie is headquartered in Mannheim, Germany, where we manufacture products for all three of our divisions – Rubber, Lubricant Oil Additives and Engineering Plastics.

We now have production sites in Germany, Belgium, the United States, Brazil, Japan, China and India.  We feel that it is high time we built something in Russia to show our commitment to the important and growing Russian market.  Our network will now encompass all of the key global markets.

We have roughly 800 employees and 9,000 customers in more than 120 countries.  In 2009 our global sales were 226 million euros, with the Rubber Division accounting for 58 percent of sales, the Lubricants Division 24 percent, and the Engineering Plastics Division 18 percent.

Those are the facts and figures – but they don’t really tell you who we are.

Fundamentally, we are problem solvers.

Our business is based on experience and specialist expertise in solving critical manufacturing and production problems for the rubber, lubricant and plastics industries.

That is where the core strength of Rhein Chemie lies.

We are extremely proud of the innovative chemicals and additives that we create and produce, but our main focus is on selling services and know-how rather than products.

Of course the key to executing this philosophy is to have local production sites as close as possible to our customers.

In other words – if we are to serve the Russian market we had better be part of that market.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we are here today, breaking ground for our new plant in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The plant will be an integral part of our Rubber Division, which, based on sales, is our greatest strength at Rhein Chemie.

Our Rubber Division now offers a broad range of additives and service products for the rubber industry.  They include pre-dispersed polymer-bound chemicals, processing additives, vulcanization and filler activators and release agents.  Our products are used in the manufacture of the full range of rubber goods, from tires, automotive supplies, technical rubber goods and shoes to consumer goods for leisure activities.

In our new plant we will be producing high-quality rubber additives and release agents under the brands Rhenogran and Rhenodiv.  These are two of our most successful product groups, and they are designed to meet the rising demand for quality products, smoother processing and cost efficiency in the Russian automotive and tire markets.

Our products will primarily be used for tires and technical rubber applications, such as hoses and gaskets.

We know that the need for greater quality will grow as the Russian automotive market grows.  So we are extremely confident about the future of our operations here.

Our innovative additives and service products help rubber processing companies to increase their quality and profitability and become more competitive in a global market.  This will enable Rhein Chemie to make a major contribution to their future success.

Rhenogran is the brand name under which Rhein Chemie develops, produces and markets pre-dispersed, polymer-bound rubber additives.  Rhenogran can significantly improve the quality of a rubber compound thanks to the selected, pre-dispersed powder chemicals it contains.

An example is the production of high-quality weatherstrips, where,  homogeneous, rapid dispersion brings an improvement in mix times and mix uniformity, leading to reduction in scrap rates and an overall improvement in the surface quality of the weatherstrip.

Because Rhenogran is dust-free, it also eliminates the health risks associated with inhaling chemical dusts.

At the new production site we will produce a broad Rhenogran range of accelerators, sulfur donors, antioxidants, metal oxides and crosslinking agents for manufacturers of tires and technical rubber goods for the automotive industry.

The steady rise of radial tires in Russia means that changes to the formulation of individual tire components are now essential.  This, coupled with the demand for consistently high quality and an increased awareness of occupational and health protection issues, is giving rise to an increasing demand among Russian tire producers for polymer-bound chemicals.

Furthermore, profitability and environmental protection play an ever-increasing role in production.  Our Rhenogran service concept, which is very successful worldwide, is directly aimed at this.

Rhein Chemie has over 30 years of experience in the development, production and application of such chemicals, and that makes the company the market leader in this segment.

The Rhenodiv product group includes every type of eco-friendly and highly efficient external release agent that a rubber processor requires.  Local production in Russia will ensure even more rapid adaptation of these Rhenodiv products to specific customer needs.

Our new facility is located in Industrial Park Dzershinsk, and our plot of land measures 3.3 hectares – enough space to expand production in the future.  Our plant will be equipped with state-of-the-art production technology.  In the mid-term future, we plan to employ up to 50 people at the new site.  The annual capacity of the plant will be approximately 1,500 tons, depending on the shift system and product mix.

It goes without saying that, during the construction process, we will comply with our high international standards for plant safety.  We take this issue very seriously, as the “safety before production” policy applies to all Rhein Chemie production sites around the world.

I know that Dr. van Roessel has mentioned some of the people to whom we are indebted for their help and support in the development of this project, but I would be remiss if I did not echo his sentiments.  We are especially thankful to Governor Shantsev for his investor-friendly policy; to Minister Svatkovsky for the active support of his ministry; to Deputy Minister Zimin and his team, especially Mrs. Klementyeva, for actively supporting the realisation of our plans; to the mayor of the city of Dzerzhinsk for his kind welcome to his city; and to all those who have been so helpful to us in the planning of this project.  Our sincere thanks to all of them.

Finally I want to say that we feel proud and confident about this important new facility.  We know it will be good for the future of Rhein Chemie.  We know it will be good for the future of LANXESS as it builds its business in Russia.  And, more importantly, we know it will be good for the Russian industries that we serve.

Thank you, and I now welcome your questions.